Brand Identity & Website Design

Industry : Construction

At i!Media, we offer custom packages for new start-up businesses because we understand the importance of building a well founded brand from day one. 

Director of SECA Survey, Andy Sheddon, a Surveyor since 2002, has worked on many survey projects in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and approached us to design his brand identity and website.

When we create a new logo and brand for a business, we start off by doing extensive research into similar brands globally and gather information regarding great (and not so great) brands in the same industry. This ensures our clients get a brand that is unique and different to their competitors. We familiarise ourselves with icons and symbols that are instantly recognisable to any potential client looking for a surveyor. At first glance, a brilliant logo design should clearly explain what your company offers. Marketing will be simplified and won’t need lengthy tag-lines and slogans to explain what your company does if your logo has been designed to be a clear representation of your business.


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Getting a few pages up and ready as soon as possible was important so that advertising this new venture could begin. The advantage of using WordPress as a platform is that anyone can learn to ad additional info or news articles to their own website. Consistent updating and content management is key to getting increasing engagement that will highly benefit your website rating and to establish your business as a trusted, leading supplier in your industry. Consistent marketing will boost your online growth and having the right tools to do it yourself,  will make this process easy to manage. 

At i!Media, we are not just interested in designing a brand and moving on to the next project, we are interested in building a long-lasting business relationship with our clients and helping them grow their business every step of the way. We have an in-depth meeting with each of our clients and find out their core needs and vision for their business going forward



We recently set up our company and invested in the startup package with i!Media NZ. They were extremely helpful and patient with requests, especially with our lack of knowledge in the field of marketing. We are very happy with the brand that was created and intend to have a long professional relationship with i!Media.

Andy Sneddon

SECA Survey