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Industry : Home Styling

Working with creatives are always extra exciting and our journey with Maree Peary from Style + Soul started by creating a website for her recently launched business. Since then, we have assisted Maree with Mailchimp newsletters, blogposts and social media design templates to take her hands-on marketing approach to the next level. Here is what she had to say:

When you are not a “Techi” it is so important to work alongside someone who is. That person needs to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve with social media, websites, blogs, and all that other computer stuff! When they “get” it, and know how to bring your ideas and creativity to life, that’s magic. My magic is Ingrid and her team IMedia

Thanks my beautiful friend and Tech expert. xx


i!Media was an absolute pleasure to work with and a treasure of ideas.

They were patient and helpful in getting my website up and running, along with help on Canva, Mailchimp, Facebook and Instagram.

Ingrid has a real eye for design and detail and was able to suggest things I hadn't even considered.

They did what they said she would do, when they said they would do it and went above and beyond in assisting me to understand the process and ensure the end result was what I wanted.

I would highly recommend i!Media as they understood what I wanted to achieve and worked very closely with me in a professional yet friendly and approachable way.

Maree Peary